Enhancement Detail

Our Paint Enhancement Detail comprises of a multi stage machine polish in conjunction with graded refinishing polish & pads to gently remove light to moderate marring, swirl marks, fine random scratches and generally dull and hazy paintwork. This detail will add exceptional gloss, optical clarity and depth, whilst removing as little clear coat as possible we aim to achieve an 80% reduction of visible blemishes and minimise the appearance of deeper scratches.

Recommended for vehicles which have light swirl marks, scratches and marring.

Prices start from £430+vat

Please note that the level of correction associated with this service is not guaranteed. In all cases surface gloss will be massively enhanced, but visible defects may persist if they are too deep for the ultra-fine finishing polish to fully remove. This service requires approx approximatly 2 days to complete.

All vehicles will need an assessment prior to quoting, the car will need to be clean and dry, please call 01934 414 915 to arrange an appointment. 


Trustpilot Review 

First Class - Highly Recommended

First time I’ve used the company. Friendly and professional. Process explained at the outset. Some might say takes a long time. Mine was 2 1/2 days. But I have to say well worth it. You can’t rush a top quality service. Highly recommended. Well chuffed with results