1st October 2019 – Wash price increase

With the successful trial and popularity of the Pure and Final Rinse we have made the decision to make this standard on every wash, we had some feedback that the booking system was a bit confusing with too many options and people didn’t understand what the Pure Rinse was (see explanation below).

The new price has been set carefully and we feel its still great value for money, we use only the finest products available to give you the safest wash possible whilst finishing with a virtually spot free finish.

Our wash process includes;

Pre Rinse Bodywork & WheelsApply Rinse Aid
Snow Foam Pure Final Rinse™️
Clean Wheels & TyresDry Vehicle 
Rinse Snow Foam Apply Tyre Dressing
2 Bucket Safe WashClean Exterior Windows
Rinse Vehicle Wipe Door Shuts

Pure Final Rinse was designed to eliminate the spotting and streaking that you tend to get from standard UK tap water. Tap water contains a great number of impurities such as chalk and lime scale. Although these minerals are safe to drink, these same minerals and impurities, measured in Parts per Million, will leave marks on your just washed vehicle. The Pure Final Rinse Vessel will ensure that all chemicals, minerals and impurities will be a thing of the past.

New Prices from 1/10/19

Superior Wash & Dry

Car = £15

4×4 = £17 (up to RangeRover/GLE/Q7)

Van = £20 (up to GLS/T5/Ford Ranger)

All bookable online

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